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Modern Industries

Spread across 1,00,000 sq. ft., Modern Industries today is a state of art gram flour milling plant based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

With our indigenous practices, we continue to hold our ancestral values we inherited helping us become pioneers in providing Best Quality of Gram Flour.

Driven by passionate entrepreneurs who continuously strive to delight their customers and create a quality product for the Domestic and the International markets.


Founded in the year 1992, Modern Industries has a rich experience of 28 Years in sourcing, manufacturing and processing of Gram flour (Besan).

The plant is well equipped with a capacity of 200 metric tonnes per day with a strongly dedicated workforce.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To become a household name in India by promising Quality, cost effectiveness & on time delivery.

Our Vision

To create a world class technology driven flour manufacturing facility catering across the globe and continuously striving to delight its customers by ensuring the highest Quality standards.

Our Core Values:


To maintain the highest quality of products and services. Maintaining the Organic integrity through out the supply chain, focus on local and fresh produces.


To create right educative experience to our customers in their right to choose the best products. Transparent system for customers.

Customer Service

To deliver truly committed customer services. Creating the unique shopping experience driven by passion, reliability and simplicity.

Work Culture

To nurture open, fair, participatory, happy, self driven, work culture.


To support small marginal farmers and their organizations.

Good Citizen

To be a good citizens of the PLANET.

Our Certifications

We ensure that the product available to you is of highest quality. We have FSSAI Certified Products.


Farm To Kitchen


Our farmers are carefully chosen and trained to work towards practicing environment-friendly farming techniques. From the chemical-free soil to the grains being hand-picked – everything you see is organically farmed to give you the highest quality product. We check the soil quality, cropping pattern, prevalent crop rotation and the nutrient levels in the soil. While doing this, we ensure that the chosen region has suitable weather and temperature conditions. We follow a series of practices like soil fertility management, seed collection, biodiversity, composting, water management, crop rotation and protection which are extremely efficient and regenerative in nature.

You can enjoy food that is hygienically packed and retains all the benefits of organic food, without any chemical interference. We’ve always been supportive of food that is more tasty, nutritious and holistic. Having seen the highest numbers when it comes to customers talking about the benefit of shifting to a more organic diet, we believe it’s time for a change and that time is now!


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